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  Contract Research (Nurse) Coordinator


CNS Research, Inc. has been conducting Neurology studies in a private practice setting at several sites in Southern MA, Rhode Island and Northern CT for over 15 years. Our Research Coordinators only get involved in the conduct of the research study.  For more information download the complete Coordinator Job Description (PDF, 161 KB).


Previous experience in clinical research is required and a nursing degree would be preferred. You will be assigned to a particular research protocol. Working hours are flexible depending on the particular study protocol. As the Coordinator, you schedule the patient visits within the window allowed by the research protocol. This allows our Coordinators maximum flexibility in determining their onsite schedule.   


Coordinators determine their earnings by screening and randomizing patients. With this much freedom, the fairest way to compensate a self-starting professional is on a per patient and per visit basis as a sub-contractor. For a sample budget agreement, please download the CRC Sample Budget Agreement (PDF, 41 KB).


For more information, call Axel Epple, MBA at 1-800-707-6013 and e-mail your resume to: . If we currently do not have a study for you, please  post your resume on LinkedIn and link to Patricia J. Epple’s profile at  to stay in touch.

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